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Republicans apologized… to BP.

You won’t believe this.

While President Obama was securing funds from BP to pay for the damage their oil spill is wrecking on families in the Gulf, Republicans apologized… to BP.

Yes, Texas Congressman Joe Barton actually apologized to BP CEO Tony Hayward and called it “a tragedy in the first proportion that a private corporation can be subjected to what I would characterize as a shakedown.” That’s right – Republicans think the “tragedy” is that BP will have to pay victims of their disaster.

This isn’t from some backbencher. Republicans want to put Congressman Barton in charge of the entire Energy and Commerce committee!

With our June 30th FEC reporting deadline fast approaching, now is the time to send an overwhelming message that Americans will not stand by as Republicans shamelessly shill for their Big Oil backers. The national media will use our grassroots totals to judge our will to fight against the Grand Oil Party.

Organizing For America..we all deserve healthcare.

Pass this healthcare overhaul now!

It was a very close vote but the momentum of compromise is overturning a century’s past flawed health-care policy. Pre-existing conditions are of top concern and as such have “In addition to creating the so-called public option government run insurance program, the House-passed bill would bar insurers from denying people coverage because of pre-existing conditions and set up health care ‘exchanges,’ or marketplaces, where consumers could easily shop for coverage.” This is a much more fair system where I can get affordable insurance that covers my own medical needs.

Republicans argue that this will do nothing except increase the size of government. I was a Republican for a long time and dont see why they wouldnt want to see this happen. They like the government to get involved and bailout big banks and insurance companies who made risky investments with our money. In a country of multi-million dollar bonuses and bailout funding I see no reason why they cannot fully support policy change for banning pre-existing conditions.

There is hope. After Republicans got their compromise on funding abortion limitations, (which I agree with), they gave a signal that they would pass the bill. The revised bill states now “The change would permit abortion coverage for people receiving federal aid for their insurance only in the case of rape or incest or where the mother’s life is endangered. That change is consistent with a 1970s-era federal law governing public funding of abortion.” The only people that can use insurance for an abortion are people who pay for their own insurance privately. I do not feel abortion should ever be used as a method for birth control and certainly I myself do not wish my taxes to be used to fund this type of irresponsible behavior.

To the Blue Dog Coalition of 52 Dems I say the price is worth it. However, after looking at things, I dont think it will actually cost anything, I truly believe this new system will be much more efficient and save taxpayers money. The system today has indigent people everywhere going into hospitals and never paying a dime. Who has to pay that cost, we all do. And, its alot more expensive that way. Whats the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

I am all for giving it a shot. What do we have to lose by trying something different other than the status quo. Its time Americans stood up for Americans and take pride in our country with the knowledge that we take care of our own. To see the roll of votes click the following link

You know, really, if the Republicans had a plan for insurance reform they had plenty of time to pass it whilest they were in office. In truth this is not of concern for them because they have plenty of disposable money to pay for their own medical care costs.

This plan is for the working class, both middle and lower. I would think if most of you really knew what was going on you would see that this restructure is in the best interest of Americans as a whole. Please spend time reading the actual bill and get a conscious for doing the right thing for everyone in this land of the free and home of the brave.

Put your vote where your mouth is. So many people want to complain about whats wrong in our government. Well here is your chance to fix some of these wrongs. Get out there and press your Senators to pass this healthcare overhaul now.


Credit Card reform and the CPA-Consumer Protection Agency

HR 3639 will move up the implementation date of the Credit CARD Reform Act to Dec. 1, rather than Feb. 22, 2010. Since Congress passed this bill in May, credit card companies have been hiking interest rates on customers’ balances, increasing penalty fees and doubling minimum payments. Meanwhile, countless good customers who pay on time each month are suffering.
Implementing the law now will prevent further abuses at the hands of the banks, and make sure that they comply with the intent of this law. The reality is consumers can’t afford another four months of these abusive tactics while the banks find new ways to increase their profits at our expense. I urge you to put these already-approved reforms in place now.

The banks’ recent behavior when it comes to our credit cards underscores the need for fast-acting, effective oversight at the federal level, rather than a new piece of legislation each time a problem like this arises. To achieve that, I also urge you to support a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA) whose only job will be to look out for consumers when it comes to abusive financial practices, including credit cards, loans and mortgages.

HR 3126 will put in place an effective CFPA watchdog who looks out for us, not just the banks. Right now, there is no federal banking agency whose primary job is to predict and prevent harm to consumers from new banking and credit practices.
We need a strong federal watchdog to write new consumer protection rules against unfair practices, and keep those rules up to date. Those rules should apply to every type of credit product, bank account and payment method. And the states should be allowed to set even stronger rules to protect against new threats facing their residents. I urge you to pass a strong bill and oppose any weakening amendments.
American consumers are the backbone of our economy, and we’re tired of getting the short end of the stick when it comes to financial products like credit cards. I urge you to put in place reforms approved in the Credit CARD Act immediately, and support the CFPA as well. It’s time Congress gives real help and sensible protections to consumers from financial abuses — rather than taxpayer bailouts to the big banks that got us in this mess.

End the Use of Live Pigs in Baystate Medical Center’s Trauma Training Program

Immediately replace the use of live animals in Baystate’s Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) program with an American College of Surgeons-approved alternative such as the TraumaMan System. Baystate’s state-of-the-art medical simulation center, which currently owns TraumaMan, affords you the opportunity to seamlessly transition to nonanimal training methods.

Your program is outdated and unnecessary. Finally it is mainstream to realize the impact medical research on animals is having on our society. The only people that will now agree with this are people who view animals as property and disposable. Trust me when I tell you that as long as I have air in my lungs I will do what is necessary to get your program shut down.

What kind of sick person finds value from needless animal torture? There is a strong correlation between these people and those that have little respect for women in general. These are also the same people you will find who wear white robes or wear swastika’s on their arms.

Believe you me the poop is getting ready to hit the fan if you don’t take immediate steps to change this policy. We can easily label your school and get you worldwide bad press if that’s what you desire.

Judge testifies in support of marijuana regulation.

Shut Up Dog or I’ll Have Your Vocal Chords Removed

Cruel pet owners remove vocal cords to stop barking

Cruel pet owners remove vocal cords to stop barking

posted by: alicia graef

Unfortunately, some pet owners who are looking for a little peace and quiet may choose to have their pets devocalized, or debarked, to get it. If you missed this last time around, you can read the full post here.

Devocalizing involves a not so minor surgery with a high risk of complications that uses either an oral approach, or a laryngotomy that essentially results in cutting or removing an animal’s vocal chords, a controversial procedure many veterinarians will also refuse to perform.

“One snip of soft tissue in the back of the throat is the most painful thing. Many times, the dog has to be re-operated on because the membrane grows over it. It’s not good for the dog. It’s only good for people,” according to Dr. Nicholas Dodman, a professor at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University and renowned animal behaviorist.

This type of quick fix also does nothing to encourage responsible pet ownership, and is an easy way out of working on behavior modification.

Some who are in favor of this “convenience surgery” argue that it can help animals who may otherwise be surrendered to shelters due to barking. However, debarked dogs still wind up in shelters and may also have a harder time finding homes, since some may find the wheezing, raspy or throaty sounds they make even more bizarre and irritating than barking.

Once devocalized, dogs also lose their ability to communicate and socialize normally, which may cause frustration and lead to behavioral issues, along with making them potentially dangerous to people without their ability to give warnings when they’re upset.

As the result of a grassroots effort led by Care2 member Jordan Star, the Animal Law Coalition (ALC) has drafted a bill, An Act to Prohibit Devocalization of Dogs and Cats (H.B. 344), sponsored by Rep. Lida Harkins, and co-sponsored by numerous others, that would ban devocalizing dogs and cats in Massachusetts, unless it’s done for medical reasons.

Currently the bill is still waiting in Committee, and is getting some opposition from the likes of puppy mill breeders, hoarders, dog fighters and those who think they can do whatever they want with their pets because, well, they’re just a piece of property, right?

If you live in Massachusetts, please take a minute to contact your legislators today asking them to support HB 244 as written. If you don’t know who your legislators are, call 1-800-462-8683 or go to and fill in your address and then look for “Rep and Senate in General Court.”

Please also sign Care2’s petition to ban devocalization.

If you’re not a resident of Massachusetts but know someone who is then spread the word!

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ITS A GOOD THING I DONT KNOW ANYONE PULLING THIS CRAP! Its just ridiculous what souless humans have been getting away with for so long now. Thats as bad a taking a teenage boy and castrating him so he doesnt get a girl pregnant. If you read this I hope you are ticked off that this could be allowed in our country. Make sure you give someone a piece of your mind about this and spread awareness please.