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Tips for your raising your puppy

1. If your puppy is sick for any reason make sure, if you are a smoker, that the puppy stays in a cool room free of any smoke.

2. If your puppy is sick and you cant get him/her to eat; Mix eggs milk and sugar to fill a childrens medicine dropper. Use that dropper to shoot the mix down their throat. They will be back to eating in no time.

3. If you cant get your puppy to take a pill or vitamin. Take your puppy’s bottom jaw and squeeze gently, then take the pill with the other hand and actually push the pill down their throat. Your puppy will have no problems swallowing anything your supposed to give them.

4. If you want your puppy to quickly go out and use the potty its very simple. Everytime you take it out you watch carefully. Right as it begins to squat say “Hurry Up”, everytime until one day you will take it out and say hurry up and your dog will go quickly so you can get back inside.

5. You definitely want to command your puppy’s attention span. The way you do this is by saying the name and then turning its head facing you and make direct eye contact. Once the eyes are set pet the dog vigourously. This way everytime you say your puppy’s name it immediately looks to its pack leader for direction.

6. If your puppy is in a damp climate and itches alot you may want to change their food to remove all corn from their diet. I have found this makes the world of difference. One of my dogs went from having scratched herself raw in three places to being beautiful full hair and not itching.