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My letter to Interior Secretary Salazar

As a supporter of Defenders of Wildlife and someone who cares about protecting America’s coasts I strongly urge the Department of Interior to discard the hastily prepared Five-Year Offshore Drilling Plan for 2010-2015.

This reckless plan would pave the way for industrializing America’s coasts, threatening some of our waters’ most beautiful marine life. Is this what you want for our children, a life without sharks, without dolphins and seals. This is serious!

* Sea otters off the coasts of California, the Pacific Northwest, and Alaska;

* Endangered sea turtles off Florida’s coasts and in the Gulf of Mexico;

* Threatened polar bears in the Chukchi Sea;

* Endangered North Pacific right whales; and

* Scores of marine birds and other species that rely on clean, healthy coasts to survive.

Drilling rigs spew air pollution and toxic mercury emissions that can poison marine wildlife. Oil and gas exploration activities, including equipment that blasts high intensity pulses, may cause disruption in feeding, migration and other essential behaviors in endangered whales.

Increased tanker traffic raises the specter of another cataclysmic oil spill that could threaten coastal wildlife and wreck the beautiful beaches where millions of Americans live or vacation. It’s not hard to find examples of the threat that oil and fuel spills cause…

* Since August 21st, an oil rig off Australia’s northwest coast began spewing oil into the East Timor Sea, threatening turtles, whales, dolphins, sea birds and sea snakes. 

* In July, an underwater pipeline that carries oil from offshore drilling leaked about 58,800 gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

* In November, 2007, a cargo vessel spilled approximately 58,000 gallons of medium grade fuel into the San Francisco Bay. Marbled murrelets, brown pelicans and western snowy plovers — all federally protected threatened or endangered species — were killed in the incident.  

We must not sacrifice America’s coasts — and the wildlife and local economies that depend on them — in the name of dirty drilling. Please reject the previous aministration’s offshore drilling plan and protect America’s wildlife.

The conservation and preservation of my environment is near the top of my agenda. I expect it to be at the top of yours. Dont give in to drillers who seek only financial gains. Force US to produce less oil so we can develop more green technologies and alternative fuels. Oil is no longer a socially acceptable. method of transportation. Its time to get with the program!

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100,000,000 sharks killed in 2007

Take Action Below!

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WWF 2010 Travel Catalog

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WWF’s 2010 Travel Catalog Now Available
Check your mailbox this month for the current issue of WWF’s print newsletter FOCUS. It includes a special supplement–the 2010 WWF Travel catalog.

WWF Travel allows you to visit amazing wildlife destinations around the world and support WWF’s important conservation work at the same time. Among our tours:

Celebrating the Year of the Tiger at national parks in India
Scuba diving with whale sharks in Mexico
Summertime family trips to China and Tanzania
A new Active Adventure on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula

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2010 Travel Catalog
Baja California

Baja California aboard the Sea Lion

January 23 – 30, 2010
Coastal Mexico is a premier whale-watching
spot–and an ideal escape in the wintertime.
Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park

April 15 – 22, 2010
Part of the Chihuahuan Desert network, Big Bend is a bird-filled World Biosphere Reserve.
Micronesia Snorkeling

Micronesia Snorkeling Adventure

May 14 – 27, 2010
One of our most popular trips includes an otherworldly outing at Palau’s Jellyfish Lake.
Wild Borneo

Wild Borneo

June 4 – 20, 2010
Watch frolicking orangutans in the wild and
explore some of the world’s largest caves.
A portion of your tour cost (between 5% and 10%) is directly contributed to WWF’s general conservation fund,
to support our work around the world.
2010 NHA catalog 2010 Natural Habitat Adventures catalog
Join WWF’s travel partner in celebrating 25 years of expedition travel to remarkable places around the globe. As part of NHA’s support of WWF’s mission, the tour company continues to offer dozens of trips and a special discount to WWF members.

Request a copy of the 2010 NHA catalog.

Natural Habitat Adventures
Gorilla Trekking: A ‘Profound Wildlife Experience’
Phil Ward has scythed his way across vine-covered trails throughout central Africa more than 120 times to see mountain gorillas. Each trek is more insightful than the last. Read more on the WWF Travel Blog.
Later this month on the blog … Splashing with pygmy elephants in a Borneo river. Roaming the world with bears. Composing the perfect wildlife photo.
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