I was mislead about Florida

I have had to make 3 phone calls this morning to my Congressman, both at the Federal and State levels. The more I read about this state the less I like it. I came from Texas where there were no other opinions outside of animals and pets are property and can be used and discarded however they seem fit. I dealt with this ignorance for most of my life and wanted to move to an animal friendly state.

Florida will protect a manatee but could care less about a greyhound. They care more about preserving plants then they do about the wildlife. Tell me why I had the impression before I came that Florida was different than Texas. You can bet you bottom dollar that if the public knew what was going on, tourism would suffer. All nature and animal lovers need to be informed and I plan to make it happen if I dont see some quick progress here.

Florida is just a mirage folks. It is certainly not as friendly as it is made out to be.

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