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UPDATE: Feral Cats near Salt Lake City, UT

You are right, this is a huge problem in many areas of the country. The biggest reason these cat problems exist is because of people like “The crazy cat lady” down the street who harbors and feeds all 50 of the neighbor strays. I have known many people to do this.
It always comes back to enforcement of pet laws and regulations. I believe if we had enforcement of complaints and leash laws we could remedy the situation. Problems arise over funding of Animal Control officers and their financial limitations on enforcement. We need to shift this job to police and National Guard Reserves. These folks are trained to handle ignorant and abusive individuals. Get these people on the ground making inspections and enforcing pet laws we now have on the books.

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Dog Attack Leaves Horse Dead

It seems to me this all would have been prevented if there were clear laws in place stating an owners responsibility for his/her dogs. If people understood they they would be held personally liable for anything their dogs do, then he might have taken a day off work to keep from paying an enormous fine and or community service.
What we need now is to get the Police on the job. Train them for animal abuse and dog fighting. Give them the power to inspect a home, after a report, making sure pets cannot get out of the yard. Impose stiff penalties as do code enforcement officers when a home is not up to code.
Enforcement is always the biggest stickler. Police and task force officers in all counties and cities across our nation are qualified to go in and investigate and keep the laws from being broken. There is not now enough money to to expand animal control officers to a level that they can be effective in their job of controlling pets.

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