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End the Use of Live Pigs in Baystate Medical Center’s Trauma Training Program

Immediately replace the use of live animals in Baystate’s Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) program with an American College of Surgeons-approved alternative such as the TraumaMan System. Baystate’s state-of-the-art medical simulation center, which currently owns TraumaMan, affords you the opportunity to seamlessly transition to nonanimal training methods.

Your program is outdated and unnecessary. Finally it is mainstream to realize the impact medical research on animals is having on our society. The only people that will now agree with this are people who view animals as property and disposable. Trust me when I tell you that as long as I have air in my lungs I will do what is necessary to get your program shut down.

What kind of sick person finds value from needless animal torture? There is a strong correlation between these people and those that have little respect for women in general. These are also the same people you will find who wear white robes or wear swastika’s on their arms.

Believe you me the poop is getting ready to hit the fan if you don’t take immediate steps to change this policy. We can easily label your school and get you worldwide bad press if that’s what you desire.

Say NO! To Animal Research

Being against animal research is not at all a position of extremism as you put it. This is a basic core rights that all life has on earth. You need to understand it is finally now mainstream to treat animals with respect. We all know its no more necessary to test a lab monkey than it is to throw good recycling in the trash. Its nice to see the public becoming more aware and taking a stand on this issue.

You know how to skew your stats dont you? You are only reporting the public sector of animal research. I would guestimate that the stats generated represent only 20% of the complete numbers. Unfortunately I have seen firsthand what happens in many testing facilities.

The only reason why you push this is because its the cheapest way for you to test. We all know it can be done without animals. In my life it is a goal that I help end animal testing and research for good!

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Earth Liberation Front (ELF)

Hey I used to rally with PETA way back, but I never participated in destroying public or private property. I believe in peaceful protesting.

Do we understand how difficult it is to pass any animal protection bills at all? I believe as long as they can confine this law to animals and not include people “vegans” it will be ok. What I mean is keep this law to research facilities and others that openly use animal testing for any reason. It’s never right to do wrong in order to do right, never. Two wrongs don’t make a right. It is never ok to kill or destroy property for any reason. I am admittedly against animal testing and have boycotted every company I know is using this form of research. Procter and Gamble is enemy number one.

Extremists never help the cause even though that’s a clear intention. I was just wondering what was wrong with the law before AETA? Were people getting away scott-free for blowing up research facilities in the name of animal protection?

I don’t see the need for it, but if we have it we can at least keep extremism from gaining popularity. It would make organizations spend resources on effective means of influence. Spreading fear is not an answer. Distributing facts and truth gets results.

Read full story below.

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Another example of ways we are forced to manage a problem

Really this article must inspire people to take action locally. If you dont get involved in the legislative process to make owners responsible for providing a good home for the family pets then there is no way situations and subjects like mentioned above will ever change. Animal research stems from a prevailing attitude that pet owners are not responsible or held accountable in any enforceable way. If we cant enforce the foundation of these principles, there is no way we will enforce a second level or secondary issue as animal testing or research.

I myself boycott all companies that participate in animal testing. Procter and Gamble is enemy number 1. They make Tide, Folger’s, and many household items. You have to start reading the labels.