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5pm San Diego time

5pm San Diego time

QUINCY DIES TODAY AT 5PM. NEEDS URGENT FOSTER in San Diego Share Today at 4:43pm Quincy needs help! He is not kenneling well at all and the San Diego county shelters are overflowing. Quincy has been red listed due to medical–ie: URI which the shelter has said they do not have the medical staff to take care of him and he MUST be pulled by 5pm today–Thursday July 30th. He can go into medical boarding in El Cajon and I can help with raising funds for his medical care and treatment. I can’t fathom seeing another beautiful soul put down due to lack of space & medical staff here in San Diego.. If you can help the shelter info is below and I can be reached: Tyler at: 619-851-2907 or Quincy is a gorgeous liver-colored, neutered male Labrador Retriever/Pointer mix, estimated to be 5 years old, but probably younger. He’s currently listed at the shelter as a Pit/Pointer, but he used to be listed as a Lab/Pointer, so call him what you like! Quincy weighs 56 pounds. If you are looking for a playful, easy-going dog who loves to go for car rides, then Quincy may be the boy for you! He’s very gentle and calm, and is working on his leash-walking skills. Quincy seems to enjoy the company of other dogs, and is also very smart. He knows “sit” and “shake”, and loves to show off his tricks. This handsome and laid-back dog is just waiting for the right person or family to take him home! Quincy has gone to several adoption events with various rescue groups and has always received rave reviews about how well he rides in the car, how he is friendly towards other people including children, and how well he does with other dogs. He is easily able to relax and chill out, even in a stressful situation where there are lots of people and dogs! Quincy is currently available at the Central County Animal Shelter at 5480 Gaines St. in San Diego. ID number is A1280288, Necktag number is C365 Kennel number is C064. Quincy is up-to-date with routine shots and spayed/neutered. For more information, please call the kennel supervisors at 619-767-2634

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Family Says Flea Market Merchants Sold Sick Puppy Illegally | | Local News

Family Says Flea Market Merchants Sold Sick Puppy Illegally | | Local News

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Coping with Fuzzy Lines in Animal Neglect

This is one of a few of my main issues in life. I have been a dog owner since I was 7 years old. I understand all the expenses and the time and patience required. I understand circumstances change and new arrangements must be made. But my God, would you leave a child behind to fend for itself if you had to relocate? Would you put your child on a chain tied to a tree and leave it there for months at a time? Would you neglect your baby or young child loving attention or abuse them by yelling all the time?

In my studies I have found that men who abuse their wives are the ones that also abuse pets and have no regard for animals in general. Women who abuse animals are often diagnosed with mental problems. We must have greater accountability from the people that are responsible. I put my main focus on breeders. Problem is they are closely tied to Humane Societies and Veterinarians. Humane Societies as a rule do not do anything to help curb pet overpopulation. They do this to not upset their paying membership made up of these breeders. The Vets of course, will never take a stand against the breeders they profit too much from keeping the situation as is.

Can you believe someone would abandon these pups?

Can you believe someone would abandon these pups?

Last week, six dogs in poor condition were rescued from a home in deplorable condition in Bothell, WA. With the animals’ hair matted, teeth rotting, and deformed feet, plus garbage and feces littering the property, it seemed a rather clear-cut case of animal neglect. But what do you do when people treat their animals badly, but not exactly illegally? It’s a question I’ve faced on several occasions, and as I raise my daughters to care kindly for animals, I struggle to explain why some animals are treated so poorly.

I spent my summers on a farm in Indiana, and every day after strolling across our field and past the little wood, I’d see a dog chained to her doghouse. I never saw her running free, never saw anyone walking her. They claimed that if they didn’t chain her, she’d roam the neighborhood. But that didn’t seem like a good excuse to me.

When I lived in Palo Alto, my family would pass certain fences on our twice daily walks and a dog on the other side would bark ferociously. I could peek through holes in the fences and recognize that I never saw these dogs walking around the neighborhood – something very unusual because I knew dozens and dozens of the dogs who lived near me. Combined with their appearance and attitude, I was fairly certain the dogs never saw past the fence in their little yards.

In both of these cases, I didn’t feel like I could report the dog owners for abuse. I felt so terrible for these dogs, but didn’t really know what to do. I was almost willing the owners to do something illegal so I could finally take action. But nothing ever happened – I never had that moment of clarity when I felt I could finally call animal services and report the neglectful owners.

So I’d like to know how many of you have witnessed chronic poor treatment of animals in your community. When it’s not legal abuse, have you taken steps to protect the pets? What have you done to help the animals?
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Laws and Politics Make the Difference!

Stop Dog Fighting Now Raise awareness of the illegal underground world of dog fighting!

Eleventh Hour Rescue Saving Death Row Dogs from kill shelters; providing them with all the love and medical attention they need in our homes until they find their forever homes.

Killing Animals is NOT ART! **SIGN THE PETITION**

An Old Dog Teaches Human Compassion