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Repower America


The Senate just introduced their version of landmark clean energy legislation we’ve been working on for years.

As Senators begin to debate and react to this bill, it’s essential we show support right out of the gate. This legislation could revitalize the American economy, strengthen our national security, and help solve the climate crisis.

Tell your Senators that you support action on the clean energy and climate legislation introduced today.

The new Senate bill is a huge step forward for our movement, building on the momentum created when the House of Representatives passed a similar bill earlier this summer.

But the bill is just a starting point. And now that it has been introduced, the high priced lobbyists for Big Oil are going to make every attempt to weaken it as much as possible — or to block it entirely.

We can’t let that happen.

Stand up for Clean Energy Legislation in the Senate.

We need this bill to create jobs and to end the destructive cycle that hurts our planet and our economy by sending millions of dollars overseas that could support clean energy produced by American workers.

Recent polling shows that Americans across party lines strongly support moving our economy forward with clean energy. That might not make a difference to the special interests fighting for their bottom line, but it will to our Senators — if we make that support heard.

You can be a leader on this issue by speaking out in support of clean energy. Tell your Senators our country needs clean energy legislation:

Thanks for everything you are doing,

Dave Boundy
Campaign Manager

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Natural Gas Act: Letter to my Congressman in Florida

We need to take immediate steps to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Join me in emailing Congress today to let them know you support taking immediate steps to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. I am so tired of having excuses for troops being in the Middle East. If we just pass this energy bill we can solve the crisis now. We can begin to get our country back. We need a few minutes of your time to make a big change for America. Congress will be back in session in 2 weeks.

Secretary of Energy already committed $300 million of stimulus money to build 542 natural gas and propane docking stations across the country. If we have stacks of emails and letters on their desks when they come in we will make history!

While the price per barrel of oil has fallen from the last summer highs, it’s beginning to rise again. What hasn’t changed is the percentage of oil we import every day: over the past 12 months we have continued to import nearly two-thirds of the oil we use. Most of the oil we import is used as a transportation fuel – cars, trucks, aircraft, boats and trains. About one barrel out of every five is used as diesel fuel to power heavy trucks – 18-wheelers.

I am all for developing battery, solar, wind and fuel cell technology – or some other technology which is still in the laboratory stage. But neither batteries nor hydrogen are ready for widespread distribution to our national fleet of approximately 250 million cars and light trucks. A battery also won’t push an 18-wheeler. The only fuel right now which is available to reduce our dependence on foreign oil is domestic natural gas.

Due to recent advances in technology, we now have the ability to recover natural gas from the enormous deposits in Texas, Louisiana and Appalachia in the lower 48 states. In fact, a recent study Potential Gas Committee estimates that natural gas reserves have surged by 35 percent. The 2,074 trillion cubic feet of domestic natural gas reserves cited in the study is the equivalent of nearly 350 billion barrels of oil, about the same as Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves.

Natural gas is cheaper than diesel fuel. Natural gas is cleaner than diesel. It’s abundant. And it’s ours. The time to act is now and the NAT GAS Act is the best tool we’ve had in decades to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

The NAT GAS Act of 2009 is a bi-partisan bill in both the U.S. House of Representatives (H.R. 1835) and the Senate (S. 1408). In the House, Congressmen Boren (D-OK), Larson (D-CT) and Sullivan (R-OK) introduced it April 1 and it already has nearly 80 bi-partisan cosponsors. In the Senate, Senators Menendez (D-NJ) and Hatch (R-UT) were joined by Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-NV) to introduce it on July 8.

The NAT GAS Act provides industry with the incentives to replace older diesel trucks with newer natural gas vehicles – it’s a great step in the right direction. It will provide the momentum for engine manufacturers, natural gas producers and natural gas distributors to ramp up and make a real difference in our dependence on foreign oil.

I hope you will sign up as a cosponsor to support this important legislation. I will be watching your press and floor remarks for statements of support.

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Use National Guards for protecting American values.

I just had the thought that if we could pull the troops out of the middle east we could put these guys to work right here in the USA. We could have them be the enforcers of animal protection and responsibility laws. They could even help code enforcement to help keep our neighborhoods up to par standards. If a complaint that a dog is on the loose happens, this officer can check the fence of the yard and impose penalties to the owner of the home and or fix the fence and then send a bill for payment. If they dont pay then put out a warrant for their arrest. People in this country need to realise the important responsibility they take on when they own a pet. These guys can spend time protecting our interests here on our soil, where we need it most.

I am happy to read today that a very close form of a bill I wanted to see pass is before a NJ court now. Everyone seems to support it but it is in a stall because the “government” is changing up duties and reassigning offices. A bogus excuse if you ask me. Someone on the opposition is paying someone else to drag their feet long enough so it wont possibly pass.

If we could just begin to focus our military/economic energies into the USA we can begin to strengthen us back to top of the pack. Little problems develope to big ones when there is no plan of action. Remember the saying “Fail to plan, Plan to fail”?  We have seen from the past what new things we need to do for the future. There are many good answers to problems we face on a daily basis.

Let your Congressmen know what you want. Be specific. Give them the following details and demand to see this in your county.

S2952 , to be known and cited as the “Dog Ownership Guarantee Act” or DOG Act, would protect potential pet owners and pets by expanding and revising requirements under current State law.

Under current law, pet shops, kennels, shelters, and pounds are licensed by municipalities, but other sellers of dogs are not licensed. The bill establishes a dog dealer license to be issued by the Division of Consumer Affairs in the Department of Law and Public Safety, without changing the current licensing of pet shops, kennels, shelters, and pounds by municipalities or the Department of Health and Senior Services regulations of these entities. A dog dealer is defined in the bill as any person engaged in the ordinary course of business in the sale of dogs to the public for profit or any person who sells or offers for sale more than one litter of dogs in one year, including out-of-State dealers, and who does not operate as a kennel, pet shop, shelter, or pound.


Finally, the bill amends the “Pet Purchase Protection Act” to make it consistent with the provisions of this bill, and authorizes the Department of Health and Senior Services and the Division of Consumer Affairs to adopt regulations necessary to implement the act and this bill.

I really like the following bill too as it begins to help owners understand the responsibilities of pet ownership. If people knew how difficult it was to provide everything a pet needs for 15 years we would have much less irresponsible owners.

S2489  Establishes cruel restraint of a dog as an animal cruelty offense

This bill establishes the animal cruelty offense of cruelly restraining a dog under the State animal cruelty laws.  The bill establishes cruelly restraining a dog as a disorderly person’s offense, and a person who cruelly restrains a dog may also be liable for a civil penalty of $500 to $1,000.  A disorderly person’s offense is punishable by up to six months in jail, up to $1,500 in fines, or both.

There are maximum restraint periods of 3 hours. I think this is fantastic! Dont know how many times I have seen dogs tied up outside their home for weeks with no dog house.  Still these bills will face problems when it comes to enforcement which is why I remind you to get involved and let your representatives know where you stand. I know there is a page on this site that lists all your contacts.

We have no one to blame but ourselves that neglect and cruelty are still socially acceptable means of treatment to animals.

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Action Alert:Care2

Hi Michael,

Every day, 3,800 Americans will hear the words “You have cancer.” But right now, approximately 46 million Americans are without health insurance and many more lack the proper coverage needed for cancer treatment.

America needs health care legislation that is affordable and available to all Americans. »

Fighting cancer is one of the toughest battles the body faces, yet the first thought going through the minds of most people diagnosed with caner is “How am I going to pay for treatment?”

Due to the costs of cancer treatments, even those who are fortunate enough to overcome the disease are left with a lifetime of medical debt and stress.

Health care reform must include access to quality health coverage for all Americans. Sign the petition urging Congress to take the necessary steps to enact affordable health care and prevent the suffering of millions of people! »

Take action link:

Thanks for taking action!