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The more we sterilize, the less we euthanize

I just read some good news that statewide tax income checkboxes are being used in 26 states. These checkboxes on tax refunds provides for $1 to go to the statewide spay/neuter fund to help low income people fix their pets. The results are staggering. In one state euthanasias are down 77% with most averaging 60-70% drops.

We know that one reason many elderly citizens dont fix their animals is because of the necessary resources. When they come out to your house and fix your pet on the spot, this does so much in the way of prevention. Children that would otherwise not be able to care for a dog can now take in a stray and get help to do so.  Find out if your state has this fund today. If it doesnt, let me know and we can work together to get one passed. The results sell the program to legislators. All we have to do is get a bill in front of them.

Whats the old saying? “An ounce of preventention is worth a pound of cure.”

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Do you have 5 seconds for a good cause?

Do You Have Five Seconds for a Cause?

posted by: Rebecca Young 10 hours ago
Do You Have Five Seconds for a Cause?

I wonder how many times we click on the computer every day. Hundreds? Thousands? How many of those clicks really mean something?

Every week tens of thousands of people take just a few seconds out of their day to click for a cause on Care2. And those clicks are not symbolic — each click generates a real cash donation from sponsorships, and Care2 pools all of these donations to give to our nonprofit partners.

When you click to sponsor children in need, your click helps more than you can imagine. Because of all of the people who click every day, Care2 has been able to sponsor 14 children since 2004 through Children International and we have just sponsored two more, Fridah in Zambia and Santanu in India. Sixteen children in countries around the world now receive medical care, school supplies, clothing, sturdy shoes, tuition for education and so much more because you click.

Care2 just launched a new look for the click to donate site, and the changes are not just cosmetic. The back end of the site has been completely reengineered to make it faster for users, and easier for Care2 to maintain and keep up to date.

With this redesign Care2 has kept all of the existing causes you can click for and added a “Click to Protect Threatened Wolves.” This new click for wolves comes none too soon, as the first-ever state regulated hunt of gray wolves in the continental United States began this week in Idaho. Hundreds of wolves could be killed, but our partner Defenders of Wildlife has joined with 12 other conservation groups to challenge this hunt in court. Defenders of Wildlife has been a leader in wolf conservation since wolves first appeared on the federal endangered species list, and played a crucial role in the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho in 1995. Every day you click for wolves you generate a real cash donation to help Defenders of Wildlife protect Idaho’s wolves, end aerial hunting in Alaska, and continue efforts to expand wolf recovery in the Northern Rockies.

I estimate someone could click through to Care2’s click to donate site and click one of the buttons in five seconds. Anyone who is online can spare four seconds. And now that the site is considerably faster, you can easily click on all of the causes in under a minute.

So … can you spare a few seconds today? Visit and make a real difference for a cause!

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As I get older

Do you ever find yourself thinking that you have no real hope that your life will significantly improve? I dont know how I would live this way. Do people really live fuller and more meaningful lives when they do have this hope? Or is it all in their head. I find without hope there is nothing. It bothers me to think about it so I thought I would write it out.

I have lived a life filled with hope for one thing or another but as I get older I find there really is little hope for anything to improve. Different causes I have cared about really have not gone away. Most are still present and the numbers just get worse. Looking back in time I see that things were never good.  Even in the 90’s with the internet boom came the realities of the real estate bust in this decade. Does this mean that as good as we thought the economy was, it was all in our head?

How do people live their lives in this mental state? How do they live each day?

There were a few times I was in love, and it gave me hope. There were a few more times that my passion for a cause was so strong I had hope that I would see it to fruition. But like everything else on earth it fades with the passing of time.

Something happened to me today and I began to think about this tv special that was on a few nights ago. This guy had been scamming some of the biggest financiers of all time. He was also swindling charities.  I was thinking about the kids that were helped while the scam was going down. Can these kids feel good about the fact they received help? Are their warm and fuzzy moments just figments of their imagination? Was the hope they felt real? I find myself asking Is hope  real, or is it just in your/my head?

It would be cool if I could get some love right now…please share with me your messages of hope.


Coping with Fuzzy Lines in Animal Neglect

This is one of a few of my main issues in life. I have been a dog owner since I was 7 years old. I understand all the expenses and the time and patience required. I understand circumstances change and new arrangements must be made. But my God, would you leave a child behind to fend for itself if you had to relocate? Would you put your child on a chain tied to a tree and leave it there for months at a time? Would you neglect your baby or young child loving attention or abuse them by yelling all the time?

In my studies I have found that men who abuse their wives are the ones that also abuse pets and have no regard for animals in general. Women who abuse animals are often diagnosed with mental problems. We must have greater accountability from the people that are responsible. I put my main focus on breeders. Problem is they are closely tied to Humane Societies and Veterinarians. Humane Societies as a rule do not do anything to help curb pet overpopulation. They do this to not upset their paying membership made up of these breeders. The Vets of course, will never take a stand against the breeders they profit too much from keeping the situation as is.

Can you believe someone would abandon these pups?

Can you believe someone would abandon these pups?

Last week, six dogs in poor condition were rescued from a home in deplorable condition in Bothell, WA. With the animals’ hair matted, teeth rotting, and deformed feet, plus garbage and feces littering the property, it seemed a rather clear-cut case of animal neglect. But what do you do when people treat their animals badly, but not exactly illegally? It’s a question I’ve faced on several occasions, and as I raise my daughters to care kindly for animals, I struggle to explain why some animals are treated so poorly.

I spent my summers on a farm in Indiana, and every day after strolling across our field and past the little wood, I’d see a dog chained to her doghouse. I never saw her running free, never saw anyone walking her. They claimed that if they didn’t chain her, she’d roam the neighborhood. But that didn’t seem like a good excuse to me.

When I lived in Palo Alto, my family would pass certain fences on our twice daily walks and a dog on the other side would bark ferociously. I could peek through holes in the fences and recognize that I never saw these dogs walking around the neighborhood – something very unusual because I knew dozens and dozens of the dogs who lived near me. Combined with their appearance and attitude, I was fairly certain the dogs never saw past the fence in their little yards.

In both of these cases, I didn’t feel like I could report the dog owners for abuse. I felt so terrible for these dogs, but didn’t really know what to do. I was almost willing the owners to do something illegal so I could finally take action. But nothing ever happened – I never had that moment of clarity when I felt I could finally call animal services and report the neglectful owners.

So I’d like to know how many of you have witnessed chronic poor treatment of animals in your community. When it’s not legal abuse, have you taken steps to protect the pets? What have you done to help the animals?
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About our pending adoption

We really want kids…there are plenty of children that need a home. Once again we see another case of government waste. I truly believe I would be a great father, making up for alot of my childhood without a father or a family. I never learned by example so I’m not sure. It just a sad situation.

We went through the 10 week state adoption program in Tampa with perfect attendance and punctuality. We even quit enjoying our normal lives, trying to prepare for a life with kids. We did alot to the house to get ready. We paid for legal documents way back, put the finances in order, and prepared for a life under government rule and observation.

The one worry was my felony. However, my background check came back clear, it had been 7 years since the conviction. Paula’s clean background check had not come in yet. There were a couple of bs pieces of paper they wanted in addition to the paperwork we already paid for from The State of Texas.

They did not like my stack of wood that I have on horses behind the house. I use this wood for everything. I am a saver. They said every single spray bottle and gasoline, tools etc must be locked up so the kids cant get to them. All of my vitamins, supplements had to be stored in a lockbox. All four of my dogs had to have all their shots and be current on all tags. I could seriously get fired up at all the “conditions” we faced but I am not sure if saying anything will help to get more kids adopted. The children must come first.

Anyway, Paula called the state yesterday and told them we were putting the adoption on hold after 7 months of crap. Money and credit is so tight right now, I cant get a job to make that extra cash needed to raise a family. Paula has sent out about 40 resumes and nothing.

Paula has been saying she will graduate in the next 6 months for the last 2 years! I really need her to focus on that and get a closed caption job. In 18 months I have a check coming and will be building my home on Roatan where I plan to open or help open a boy’s home, feeding center, and a baseball league. I will get my fix helping needy kids and single mothers one way or another.