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Costco sells red listed fish every day

This is a copy of my letter to the company today.

As a consumer, I care about what’s at my Costco. Our oceans deserve better. Costco needs to be a leader in ocean conservation, not a contributor to ocean destruction. I want Costco to have a sustainable seafood policy and stop selling red list seafood, starting immediately with orange roughy and Chilean sea bass.

Your customers want to know the truth. Stop hiding and let your customers make informed decisions about their purchases. I want Costco to have sustainable seafood and transparent labeling for all of us to see.

Costco must also begin to stand up for the oceans and support positive environmental change.

In almost every Costco store you’ll find freezers and coolers full of unsustainable fish. In fact, Greenpeace surveys found that Costco continues to sell fifteen of the twenty-two red list seafood items.
This is illegal! I will publicize the heck out of this until you decide to do the right thing. This really pisses me off.

In such a competitive world I would think you would realize how this publicity will effect your business.

Gulf Oil Spill – Telethon on CNN Tonight!

Gulf Oil Spill – Telethon on CNN Tonight!

Posted By: Nature Conservancy, Inc

Dear Nature Supporters,
First of all, thank you!  Because of you, our cause on Facebook has reached 250,000 members.  Please keep talking about and supporting nature and we are sure to reach 300,000 in no time!
Second, you can continue supporting nature when you help to get the word out about tonight’s Gulf Coast Relief Telethon on Larry King Live from 8-10 P.M. ET on CNN. And please, tune in to watch!

The Nature Conservancy and our restoration work in the Gulf will be featured during the telethon along with a number of celebrities who will be on hand to help take donations.

All money raised for the Conservancy during the telethon will directly support our Fund for Gulf Coast Restoration. Monies in this fund are being used by the Conservancy to help determine both the extent of the oil spill and the necessary long-term restoration work in the Gulf and states along its coast.

So please watch the Gulf Coast Relief Telethon tonight and tell your friends, co-workers and family members to do the same. Please forward them this email, tweet on Twitter about the telethon or post information to your Facebook wall.

Thank you again for your continued support and we hope you’ll watch tonight’s telethon.

The Nature Conservancy

p.s. If you haven’t had a chance yet, make sure you view this slideshow of Gulf oil spill images captured by photographer Bridget Besaw. The image of the oiled brown pelican awaiting rescue on the beach of Elmers Island, Louisiana is just an example of what we’re facing here in the Gulf.

Call to Action

Support the cause. Be counted:

Republicans apologized… to BP.

You won’t believe this.

While President Obama was securing funds from BP to pay for the damage their oil spill is wrecking on families in the Gulf, Republicans apologized… to BP.

Yes, Texas Congressman Joe Barton actually apologized to BP CEO Tony Hayward and called it “a tragedy in the first proportion that a private corporation can be subjected to what I would characterize as a shakedown.” That’s right – Republicans think the “tragedy” is that BP will have to pay victims of their disaster.

This isn’t from some backbencher. Republicans want to put Congressman Barton in charge of the entire Energy and Commerce committee!

With our June 30th FEC reporting deadline fast approaching, now is the time to send an overwhelming message that Americans will not stand by as Republicans shamelessly shill for their Big Oil backers. The national media will use our grassroots totals to judge our will to fight against the Grand Oil Party.

U.S. Activists: Help Save America’s Arctic from an Oil Spill Disaster | World Wildlife Fund

U.S. Activists: Help Save America’s Arctic from an Oil Spill Disaster | World Wildlife Fund.

My letter to Interior Secretary Salazar

As a supporter of Defenders of Wildlife and someone who cares about protecting America’s coasts I strongly urge the Department of Interior to discard the hastily prepared Five-Year Offshore Drilling Plan for 2010-2015.

This reckless plan would pave the way for industrializing America’s coasts, threatening some of our waters’ most beautiful marine life. Is this what you want for our children, a life without sharks, without dolphins and seals. This is serious!

* Sea otters off the coasts of California, the Pacific Northwest, and Alaska;

* Endangered sea turtles off Florida’s coasts and in the Gulf of Mexico;

* Threatened polar bears in the Chukchi Sea;

* Endangered North Pacific right whales; and

* Scores of marine birds and other species that rely on clean, healthy coasts to survive.

Drilling rigs spew air pollution and toxic mercury emissions that can poison marine wildlife. Oil and gas exploration activities, including equipment that blasts high intensity pulses, may cause disruption in feeding, migration and other essential behaviors in endangered whales.

Increased tanker traffic raises the specter of another cataclysmic oil spill that could threaten coastal wildlife and wreck the beautiful beaches where millions of Americans live or vacation. It’s not hard to find examples of the threat that oil and fuel spills cause…

* Since August 21st, an oil rig off Australia’s northwest coast began spewing oil into the East Timor Sea, threatening turtles, whales, dolphins, sea birds and sea snakes. 

* In July, an underwater pipeline that carries oil from offshore drilling leaked about 58,800 gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

* In November, 2007, a cargo vessel spilled approximately 58,000 gallons of medium grade fuel into the San Francisco Bay. Marbled murrelets, brown pelicans and western snowy plovers — all federally protected threatened or endangered species — were killed in the incident.  

We must not sacrifice America’s coasts — and the wildlife and local economies that depend on them — in the name of dirty drilling. Please reject the previous aministration’s offshore drilling plan and protect America’s wildlife.

The conservation and preservation of my environment is near the top of my agenda. I expect it to be at the top of yours. Dont give in to drillers who seek only financial gains. Force US to produce less oil so we can develop more green technologies and alternative fuels. Oil is no longer a socially acceptable. method of transportation. Its time to get with the program!

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100,000,000 sharks killed in 2007

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