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My wife and I
Hello everyone I am Michael Alexander, 41, married with 4 dogs. I have a passion for politics, public organizing, boxing, football, fishing, writing, eating and traveling. I have a real passion for helping children and single mothers. I am the guy down the street who takes in all the strays or tries to find their owner. If there were past lives I certainly was a dog. I founded and organized a 501C Humane Society that focused 80% of its efforts on creating legislation and networking with like minded groups who focused on pet overpopulation.

Dallas is my home city, but I lived in many different places including Chicago, Il and Corpus Christi Texas. I moved from home, with my mother and brother, at age 11. I lived in Boaz Ky with a preacher and his wife for a couple of years. Upon returning, I left out for the streets of Dallas.

When I was 16 I was put into a coma from an ice cream truck hitting the passenger door of a 4 door Impala. I struggled through multiple lifetimes of problems afterwards including losing my Congressional nomination to The AF Academy. It took me 12 years to be able to hold an intelligent conversation.

I founded and ran a humane society in Denton Texas for four years. During that time I was appointed to the city counsel Animal Shelter Advisory Comittee. I held several volunteer positions for lobbyist groups at the state level in Austin Texas.

About 1994 I got into the flea market business. I began by buying out garage sales and reselling the goods. I made good money for the business but I did not like all the small stuff that had to packed and repacked everyday. So I began selling car audio speakers. The business grew to a $30k inventory in audio. I then stopped the junk and focused on exclusively car audio.

Two months later I built my first 3 page website and in the first day made as much money without me working as I did working 6 hours at the flea market. After 2 years of doing both I decided to go full steam ahead with just a website. My website usacaraudio.com was at one time ranked in the top 1/4 of the top 1% of all ecommerce websites in the world.

On this site I will do my best to bring together people of all races, religions and and interests.  I believe if I can get anyone here I will be able to spread a message of respect for animals and our environment. I do this all completely free as an act of love for my best friends. However if you wish to browse through recommended items and buy something I will make a little cash. I will then turn around and invest it to make a bigger splash in politics of animal welfare. I have always held the belief that every voice counts. Now with all the social networking we should have even a greater voice! Be A Part of the Change..

I have alot to say and this blog will help me keep things orderly for me. I know this blog is not just about dogs, rather about spreading news and information on ways to help the good fight, the ones the animals cant fight for themselves because of big intrest groups in Washington. I hope you enjoy your time here and please share with us a link! Also whenever you bookmark the pages with our new bookmark feature the content gets shared across multiple networks at once and helps spread the message further.
Please dont let these pages pass your eyes in vain.

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PS: I just started a new online business selling over 250k products. The electronics, tv’s and computer monitors are at wholesale prices. Find me today on ebay with the user name of floktioneer. Once my website is complete I will post the url so you can shop till you drop. I will be making deals that you may not ever see again.


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Michael Alexander

One response to this post.

  1. Hello,

    My english is not perfect, just some words to congratulate you for your cause, it’s very great what’s you doing for helping animals :-))

    God bless you

    With friendly soluan


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