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Pickens Plan for Nat Gas Act

I am in the army of volunteers for this and you can be too. It is a great solution for most Americans. It is the best resource we have for moving 18-wheelers and large transportation vehicles including buses. We can cut 15% of our oil use right off the top all with a signature. I absolutely favor the use of other alternatives as well as they are developed for residential or commercial use. We are on the edge here of starting the new green revolution. Stick with me on this and we will make history.Press here for more information.
Governor Schwarzenegger leads a Boone Shout out!
Natural Gas is the way to go!
355 MILLION Barrels
Keep those letters coming!

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Natural Gas Act: Letter to my Congressman in Florida

We need to take immediate steps to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Join me in emailing Congress today to let them know you support taking immediate steps to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. I am so tired of having excuses for troops being in the Middle East. If we just pass this energy bill we can solve the crisis now. We can begin to get our country back. We need a few minutes of your time to make a big change for America. Congress will be back in session in 2 weeks.

Secretary of Energy already committed $300 million of stimulus money to build 542 natural gas and propane docking stations across the country. If we have stacks of emails and letters on their desks when they come in we will make history!

While the price per barrel of oil has fallen from the last summer highs, it’s beginning to rise again. What hasn’t changed is the percentage of oil we import every day: over the past 12 months we have continued to import nearly two-thirds of the oil we use. Most of the oil we import is used as a transportation fuel – cars, trucks, aircraft, boats and trains. About one barrel out of every five is used as diesel fuel to power heavy trucks – 18-wheelers.

I am all for developing battery, solar, wind and fuel cell technology – or some other technology which is still in the laboratory stage. But neither batteries nor hydrogen are ready for widespread distribution to our national fleet of approximately 250 million cars and light trucks. A battery also won’t push an 18-wheeler. The only fuel right now which is available to reduce our dependence on foreign oil is domestic natural gas.

Due to recent advances in technology, we now have the ability to recover natural gas from the enormous deposits in Texas, Louisiana and Appalachia in the lower 48 states. In fact, a recent study Potential Gas Committee estimates that natural gas reserves have surged by 35 percent. The 2,074 trillion cubic feet of domestic natural gas reserves cited in the study is the equivalent of nearly 350 billion barrels of oil, about the same as Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves.

Natural gas is cheaper than diesel fuel. Natural gas is cleaner than diesel. It’s abundant. And it’s ours. The time to act is now and the NAT GAS Act is the best tool we’ve had in decades to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

The NAT GAS Act of 2009 is a bi-partisan bill in both the U.S. House of Representatives (H.R. 1835) and the Senate (S. 1408). In the House, Congressmen Boren (D-OK), Larson (D-CT) and Sullivan (R-OK) introduced it April 1 and it already has nearly 80 bi-partisan cosponsors. In the Senate, Senators Menendez (D-NJ) and Hatch (R-UT) were joined by Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-NV) to introduce it on July 8.

The NAT GAS Act provides industry with the incentives to replace older diesel trucks with newer natural gas vehicles – it’s a great step in the right direction. It will provide the momentum for engine manufacturers, natural gas producers and natural gas distributors to ramp up and make a real difference in our dependence on foreign oil.

I hope you will sign up as a cosponsor to support this important legislation. I will be watching your press and floor remarks for statements of support.

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DOE Reply for training and education for Solar/Wind Energies

Dear Mr. Alexander:

Thank you for your June 19, 2009, email to the Department of Energy (DOE) regarding training in solar and wind energy.

The DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) provides information at on renewable energy training, courses, and college programs; in particular, the link provides resources on vocational training opportunities. DOE does not, at present, provide financing for students of renewable energy.

Training information from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners is at the website, and at the link is NABCEP’s photovoltaics installer certification program—certification is not, however, required to install PV systems. Some other websites regarding solar energy installation and training that may be of interest to you include:

>, an overview on installing a small solar panel system (at EERE’s Energy Savers website,, a good detailed guide on what is required for a safe solar panel installation, and

>, a directory of contractors plus useful solar energy calculating tools

>, a directory of contractors plus useful solar energy calculating tools

Finally, the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency,, in addition to listing incentives for installing renewable energy systems, has links to many energy organizations, some of which provide information on training. We appreciate your interest in renewable energy—feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Jim Kern

Office of Solar Energy Technologies

U.S. Department of Energy