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Update: Earthship Biotecture

August, 2009

**In this issue**

**New AC LED Chandelier
designed by Earthship Biotecture, uses only 13 watts!**

**My Internship with Earthship Biotecture
by Jennifer Mor Stacy**

**My Internship with Earthship Biotecture
by Jana Sensat**

**Boston Carpenter on the road to become Biotect

**Patagonia Earthship

**Montana Earthship is complete

**Living Off the Grid: My Trip to Taos, New Mexico

**True health Care Reform Lies in Relocalizing Stewardship

** <>
Michael Reynolds on the Colbert Report**

Thanks for the Experience

I was one of the interns for May,…the only one who didn’t
accompany you to Nogal. Even though I missed out on that experience, I
was glad
to stick around to help out Ted’s crew on the new educational
facility. They are a great group to work with and Ted and Tim taught
me volumes…

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Earthship Testimonials

“The word of the future is LOGIC. Not rules, not regulations, not
politics, not religion.

Unadulterated logic is what will get us through.”

Earthkeeper Hero Project

by Wendy Jewell

It all started in the 70’s. Michael Reynolds, a newly minted
architect from the University of Cincinnati heard through the media
that everyone was littering the streets and highways with aluminum

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“In an Earthship I felt like I was an active participant in a non
destructive relationship with the ecosystem. In my box-architecture in
Oakland, I feel like an alien colonist…this way of life is
completely unnatural. Thank you for providing us with an opportunity
to sample Earthship living, it was much more moving than I ever
expected. I’m saving every spare penny I have to build as soon as

“Last night I saw the Garbage Warrior documentary and I was very
impressed with your developments and your perseverance. You deserve
tremendous credit for fighting the good fight for our planet and not
giving up or slowing down. One story I have told many time is when we
were walking on the high mesa and suddenly you took off running full
bore. I stood there for a second until I realized that if I wanted to
continue talking to you I would have to run after you. It looks like
you have been running full bore ever since. Keep it up.”

The Incredible VIGA RUN!

Lumberjacking hijinks & feats of eco-friendly strength on distant
mountaintops! Sustainable harvesting at its most entertaining, for

Earthship Newsletter

for the worldwide earthship community
**New AC LED Chandelier designed by Earthship Biotecture

New AC LED lighting designed by Earthship Biotecture. New Chandelier
that only takes 13 watts and has great lighting! Conventionally it
would have taken 300 watts. see the picture…

In our continuing effort to use less electricity while providing a
better product, we are beginning to replace all lighting in the
Earthship with LEDs. This method of lighting last virtually forever
and uses a fraction of the power of Compact Fluorescent lighting and
Incandescent lighting. – click to read more…

**My Internship with Earthship Biotecture

by Jennifer Mor Stacy

I was inspired to learn more about Earthships from my brother who
worked with the company on two international projects. He was
eventually hired to work with the crew. His excitement led me to
investigate the company and the concepts. I did a lot of reading and
asked a lot of questions, trying to find problems with the concept.
The more I learned though, the more I became convinced that this is
the direction we need to be moving as a society in terms of housing.
The next step was to get involved. I wanted to be part of the process
that breaks down the cultural and institutional barriers that slow the
growth of nonconventional housing development… – click to read

**My Internship with Earthship Biotecture

by Jana Sensat

Week One: I have completed my first week of the internship and it is
amazing! I am also amazingly soar, but it feels good. My arms are
beginning to get some definition to them! The first day we got a tour
of the Earthship Community and saw some new things being built as well
as some beautiful, finished residences. The “mothership” of all
Earthships is the Phoenix. It is a maze of gardens and rooms with few
walls. Spaces are divided by planters filled with veggies and banana
trees. At the front of the house, there is a dinning area surrounded
by a pond. What a lovely place to eat! – click to read more…

**Boston Carpenter on the road to become a Biotect

“Two years ago my wife, Kelly, asked me if I was happy. I’d never
really thought about it before; I had my life, my family, my house,
but I realized that the answer was ‘no’ . Everything I had always
wanted in life had suddenly become an anchor, and as Kelly felt the
same we made plans to leave, to take trips to try something different
but it just never happened, life always got in the way.

Basically, in Boston work always felt like a 9 to 5 job, where you
go in, get the job done and leave. Here everyone will hang out
together after work and have a beer, there’s no rush to leave.” –
click to read more…

**Earthship Biotecture for Patagonia

After hearing about Earthships, Cheryl who lives in Buenos Aires,
Argentinas capital, contacted us to see if we could help teach this
impoverished community how to build very simple one roomed Earthships.
Used tires, an Earthship’s main component, are plentiful the world
over (with 290 million being thrown away in the States alone every
year) and the dump in Bariloche is no exception. It is also filled
with a considerable amount of other ‘garbage’ that, with the proper
knowledge could be transformed into cosy housing…

– click to read more…

**Living off the Grid: My trip to Taos, New Mexico

by Summer Rayne Oaks – model, eco-activist

I’ve been a bit delinquent in my web posts as of late. This is
what happens when you’re in the beginning stages of a new business.
That doesn’t mean I haven’t had time to take a few trips: Taos
being one of them. This past month I met up with my good friend Paul
who decided to pack up and head to New Mexico to build some
Earthships. I had never heard of them until one night he encouraged me
to watch Garbage Warrior. – click to read more…

**Miles City, Montana Earthship –

is complete!

2 bedrooms, one bathroom. about 1600 sq ft. no tiny utility bill –
about $100 US per year – for propane. (oven and clothes dryer) Watch a
video of the completed project, check out the image gallery from
beginning to end – click to read more…

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