Turkish Animal Rescue Organisation ~ TARO – Great group in severe need of funds to continue their work

TARO~ Turkish Animal Rescue Organisation – Donation link –http://puppyrescue.chipin.com/mypages/view/id/80dac4f70b8e8e4d
Turkish Animal Rescue Organisation is an all volunteer (nonprofit) rescue organization based in UK.  Dedicated to the welfare, sheltering and placement of homeless animals in Turkey. We are committed to educating the public about the humane treatment of animals, preventing animal cruelty and overpopulation and promoting animal welfare in Turkey.http://turkishanimalrescueorg.blogspot.com/2011/06/day-in-life-of-turkish-stray-dog.htmlhttp://turkishanimalrescueorganisation.webs.com/

Turkey has a huge population of stray dogs.. many are removed from populated areas by the municipality authorities to forests where they struggle to survive.. no food, no water, in the summer extreme heat and in the winter freezing conditions. 


UPDATE… Kestane is now in Bulgaria at a quarantine kennels PAWS Bulgaria : http://paws-kennels.com/ We are so pleased with her progress
Today our TARO dogs get a very special visit from our friend and TARO volunteer from Germany …. and WOW what a welcome she got…

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