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My comments on adopting pitbulls

I agree and feel that humane euthanasia is a much better practice than putting them in homes. Dogs that were brought up fighting will never change. They will literally try to kill a dog at the drop of a hat without any signs of provocation. I know because I adopted one 7 years ago and dont suggest it for anyone. He is very sweet with me but anything can trigger him. I have no males left alive in the home so all is good. But no kids, friends or male dogs allowed. I really thought I could help him, which I have but I cant get him past the past. Its really tough.

If you want to get your toddler a pet, let me suggest an 8 week fixed male, lab/boxer or retriever mix.


You know BSL is within the rights of a community. However, the dogs already in the county should be grand-fathered in and only pertain to new dogs.

I am as big a dog lover and activist as they come.

How would you like it if someone said, hey you can no longer voice opinions against your government as it is no longer supported by the 1st amendment? When you push anti-BSL you are paving the way to destruction of our 1st amendment, unalienable rights as citizens of the USA to organize, protest and or change the law.

I will never vote for BSL, but I cannot with a clear conscious promote it either.


Say NO! To Animal Research

Being against animal research is not at all a position of extremism as you put it. This is a basic core rights that all life has on earth. You need to understand it is finally now mainstream to treat animals with respect. We all know its no more necessary to test a lab monkey than it is to throw good recycling in the trash. Its nice to see the public becoming more aware and taking a stand on this issue.

You know how to skew your stats dont you? You are only reporting the public sector of animal research. I would guestimate that the stats generated represent only 20% of the complete numbers. Unfortunately I have seen firsthand what happens in many testing facilities.

The only reason why you push this is because its the cheapest way for you to test. We all know it can be done without animals. In my life it is a goal that I help end animal testing and research for good!

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Arrow through the head!

Don’t chain your dog!

Over the next couple of years I am going to lobby hard for a new law of pet responsibility that says a dog cannot be chained for more than 3 hours a day. I do not believe there is a justifiable argument anywhere for this and I have heard them all. If you dont have a secure fenced in yard you have no business owning a dog or cat.

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Earth Liberation Front (ELF)

Hey I used to rally with PETA way back, but I never participated in destroying public or private property. I believe in peaceful protesting.

Do we understand how difficult it is to pass any animal protection bills at all? I believe as long as they can confine this law to animals and not include people “vegans” it will be ok. What I mean is keep this law to research facilities and others that openly use animal testing for any reason. It’s never right to do wrong in order to do right, never. Two wrongs don’t make a right. It is never ok to kill or destroy property for any reason. I am admittedly against animal testing and have boycotted every company I know is using this form of research. Procter and Gamble is enemy number one.

Extremists never help the cause even though that’s a clear intention. I was just wondering what was wrong with the law before AETA? Were people getting away scott-free for blowing up research facilities in the name of animal protection?

I don’t see the need for it, but if we have it we can at least keep extremism from gaining popularity. It would make organizations spend resources on effective means of influence. Spreading fear is not an answer. Distributing facts and truth gets results.

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3 days is plenty of time to reclaim your pet.

Well what do we expect. People without pets are having to pay for people who do have pets and they are tired of it. Comeon, lets get real here. If you havent been frantically searching for your pet from the moment it went missing, chances are good you wont miss your pet when it gets euthanized.
I know this is a hard stance but I have raised 14 dogs that people abandoned, with many problems and understand the responsibility I take on when I take one in. Every one of these dogs have lived 15 years or longer. Keeping your fence up and in good condition, training, spending time and money on health care and bonding are all vital aspects to the responsibilities of pet ownership.

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