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Labor Day Wildlife Alert!

Wildlife Alert

Make the Call
for Polar Bears

Polar Bear (Photo: Suzanne Miller, USFWS)

A warming climate could doom polar bears in the U.S.

Please call your senators and urge them to support decisive action to reduce carbon emissions and help our wildlife survive the impacts of global warming: 



Report the Call



… and deliver this message:

My name is Michael Alexander and I’m calling from Gibsonton today to remind my senators that climate change poses an unprecedented threat to human communities, fish and wildlife habitat and the natural resources we depend on — resources like clean air and water — and recreational opportunities such as fishing, boating and hiking.

As someone who cares about wildlife and the irreplaceable value of our natural world, I ask Senator [Your Senator’s Name] to pass climate change legislation that will:

  • Significantly reduce greenhouse gas emmissions in the U.S., and
  • Provide 5% dedicated funding from the funds generated under the bill to safeguard fish, wildlife and the natural resources that we need to survive.

Please fill out this quick survey to let me know that you called your senators. Based on your feedback, I will be following up with high-priority senate offices to remind them that you called and that you care about global warming and wildlife. 

A recent White House report predicts that climate change could cause Alaska’s polar bears to disappear from the wild within 75 years. [1]

Recent polls indicate broad public support for legislation that would curb harmful greenhouse gas emissions. But that hasn’t stopped Big Oil and their allies from using scare tactics and misinformation to oppose common-sense efforts to address global warmingthe single greatest threat that America’s wildlife faces today.  

Please call your senators today — then let us know you called. With your help, we can ensure a brighter future for our wildlife — and our planet.

With Gratitude,


Marcia Lesky Marcia Lesky
Director of National Outreach 
Defenders of Wildlife







Labor Day is coming up and America’s wildlife needs your senators to get working on legislation to address climate change.

Please urge your senators to stand up for polar bears and other wildlife struggling in a warming world with a quick phone call or email to their local offices: