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The Senate just introduced their version of landmark clean energy legislation we’ve been working on for years.

As Senators begin to debate and react to this bill, it’s essential we show support right out of the gate. This legislation could revitalize the American economy, strengthen our national security, and help solve the climate crisis.

Tell your Senators that you support action on the clean energy and climate legislation introduced today.

The new Senate bill is a huge step forward for our movement, building on the momentum created when the House of Representatives passed a similar bill earlier this summer.

But the bill is just a starting point. And now that it has been introduced, the high priced lobbyists for Big Oil are going to make every attempt to weaken it as much as possible — or to block it entirely.

We can’t let that happen.

Stand up for Clean Energy Legislation in the Senate.

We need this bill to create jobs and to end the destructive cycle that hurts our planet and our economy by sending millions of dollars overseas that could support clean energy produced by American workers.

Recent polling shows that Americans across party lines strongly support moving our economy forward with clean energy. That might not make a difference to the special interests fighting for their bottom line, but it will to our Senators — if we make that support heard.

You can be a leader on this issue by speaking out in support of clean energy. Tell your Senators our country needs clean energy legislation:

Thanks for everything you are doing,

Dave Boundy
Campaign Manager

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My letter to the President and comments

Hello Today Mr.President. I am wondering this afternoon if you had an extra $100 billion coming into the Federal Governments’ hands every year what you could do with it. I wonder how many earth friendly low-income homes you can build. I wonder how many teachers would get paid better. We can fix the problems of homelessness in this country. We can provide jobs in any economy. We can save masses in law enforcement and military force most likely to the tune of an extra $400 billion a year or more. You can save the day! Push for legalization of marijuana. Its the smartest thing you can do for the people.

I am sooo tired of hearing the same crap over and over; budget deficits, wasteful spending, and bad policy. Lets just take one step we know is in the right direction already! Haters take a step back and see what is going on…the same old merry-go-round where we make less, save less, and sleep less. Obama said he is for change, the people ALWAYS want change, and I think its time to say what needs to be said!

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