My Links

These are some of the links I use every day to read about today’s stories. I support these companies 100%. Now that does not mean I agree with them or their stances 100% of the time, but the fact is they are made up of dedicated individuals who put animals and/or the environment high on the priority list. 

  1. Eleventh Hour Rescue Saving Death Row Dogs from kill shelters; providing them with all the love and medical attention they need in our homes until they find their forever homes; educating the community. 
  2. To benefit Wolf Gardens, save the wolf and other wildlife  
  3. Killing Animals is NOT ART! **SIGN THE PETITION** 
  4. Stop Dog Fighting Now Raise awareness of the illegal underground world of dog fighting while raising money to help abused dogs live a normal life!
  6. Help End The Canadian Seal Slaughter
  7. I am Against Racism Stop staring at the different
  8. Society Against Child Abuse To inform, stop, and help those in need with being abused.
  9. Help Lock Pedophiles away for life, no parole   
  10. Amber Alert on Facebook To get Facebook to display Amber alerts on pages Help get people involved from beginning Help find children faster   
  11. Stop abuse of all Women and Children 
  12. United Nations World Food Programme WFP works to put hunger at the centre of the international agenda, promoting policies, strategies and operations that directly benefit the poor and hungry

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