Secret Societies

The information on these pages is to bring about awareness. Many people seem to have heard of these groups but dont understand their significant places in this world. When anything happens in government, when any world events happen, wherever there is war or conflict you will find these groups are all over it. I became interested in all this when I saw the underground 9/11 video that was being squashed by the feds on any computer they found it. When they hit me the first time this was the only video I had on my harddrive. The second and last time they shut all my computers down and I lost everything. This wont happen again. I am prepared. However I do not have a copy of the underground 9/11 video, anywhere. If you want to look for it do so at your own risk. It is titled “911 The Truth Exposed”. 


The Illuminati


Sexual Secrets of Alchemy

The Knights Templar

The O.T.O


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