Update: Repower America video

Dear Michael,

We’re nearing a watershed moment for clean energy. We’ve worked hard over the last year and a half to get here. And now, just as that moment approaches, our opponents are determined to break our momentum and deny us the progress our country so urgently needs.

I’ve asked Repower America’s Campaign Manager Dave Boundy to share a brief update on our strategy for the coming fight.

Right now, it’s essential to keep our campaign growing. That’s why we’ve set a goal of bringing 1,000 new grassroots donors into this movement by October 15th.

The crucial health care debate has center stage right now, but that hasn’t stopped Big Oil and special interests from escalating their assault on clean energy. In fact, they’re using it as cover while they spend hundreds of millions of dollars to distort the truth and position themselves to defeat our efforts.

That’s why we need you to take action right now. If our movement slows down one bit, our opponents could gain an insurmountable advantage. And when our decisive moment comes, it would be too late.

We don’t have the financial resources of Big Oil, but what we do have is committed members like you, who are paying attention right now and know that clean energy is the only way to set our economy and our planet back on a sustainable path.

American’s everywhere are depending on you to take a leadership role, and keep the Repower America campaign growing. If you want to donate you can at the following link. They are matching donations until October 15th.

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