My Letter to Obama on Afghanistan

Hello Mr.President I beg you not to send more troops, our dollar is already over stressed as it is. Sending more troops will only quicken the path to financial ruin for all middle and lower classes. Its on you this time.

The decision is all yours and I sincerely hope that you will pull troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq. We need to save some money right now. We are going to have a lot to deal with in the near future. I need you to be very careful right now in taking steps to turn us to renewable US energies while also bringing troops home to work our borders and build us a solar, natural gas, wind and hydrogen grid here on our soil.

We can keep the US secure from Al-Quieda from within our own borders as we have since 911. I realize we have allies that want our support right now but the fact is they are not an ally if they wish us to financial ruin.

This whole concept will only come about once we begin to understand the importance of fiscal responsibility and the impact it plays on our economy. Please, as an American I ask again that you do not send anymore troops and start a withdrawl. We have done what we could for them. I was all for going into Iraq after 911, but that was 8 years and several trillion dollars ago. We have done our part.

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