California’s “Pet Responsibility Act”

I call bs on the groups that say the reason people don’t get their animals fixed is because of costs associated with spay/neuter and fines. I did a study of my own in Texas where I gathered $982 to give people the money to get their pets fixed. I advertised it in the paper, told all my members of the humane society, informed other humane organizations in my town I had this money set aside for this purpose. Not one single person took advantage of my offer in the 14 months I was offering it.

The American Kennel Club is a breeding organization where dollars are the bottom line. Because they are so deep into breeders’ pockets you will never find them stand for dogs, rather the members of the group. Groups that profit from the status quo cannot be trusted and never relied on for any type of truthful dialogue.

I have been doing this far too long to believe any “studies” that they report as it is known that they are notorious for fudging numbers to support the commercialism of breeding.

Yes in the beginning there would be more euthanasia’s as we get the ratio of pets in responsible homes adjusted. I hate seeing any pet die but I understand the need for immediate policy change. The alternative is that we do nothing and let the problem grow bigger.

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