Is cloning a shady subject?

I think cloning is a good thing for all the right reasons. Nothing or noone, is free of its negatives. For every plus there is a minus. Religion wont stand with it because they feel it takes God out of the creation process. As a Christian I disagree. I feel that God is giving us a cure to many of our problems by giving us cloning. Did Jesus not say to the shepherd that even on Sundays he should retrieve his wayward sheep?

To me its not shady at all. God is the giver of life, not science. Either you believe this or you dont. But the religious people say they believe this but when it comes down to it they believe that man or science creates life and therefore all cloning is a terrible sin. I call bs. To reject cloning is complete stupidity. I cant honestly believe if one of these people were on a death bed, they would refuse a cloned organ. So much hypocracy in the church!

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