About our pending adoption

We really want kids…there are plenty of children that need a home. Once again we see another case of government waste. I truly believe I would be a great father, making up for alot of my childhood without a father or a family. I never learned by example so I’m not sure. It just a sad situation.

We went through the 10 week state adoption program in Tampa with perfect attendance and punctuality. We even quit enjoying our normal lives, trying to prepare for a life with kids. We did alot to the house to get ready. We paid for legal documents way back, put the finances in order, and prepared for a life under government rule and observation.

The one worry was my felony. However, my background check came back clear, it had been 7 years since the conviction. Paula’s clean background check had not come in yet. There were a couple of bs pieces of paper they wanted in addition to the paperwork we already paid for from The State of Texas.

They did not like my stack of wood that I have on horses behind the house. I use this wood for everything. I am a saver. They said every single spray bottle and gasoline, tools etc must be locked up so the kids cant get to them. All of my vitamins, supplements had to be stored in a lockbox. All four of my dogs had to have all their shots and be current on all tags. I could seriously get fired up at all the “conditions” we faced but I am not sure if saying anything will help to get more kids adopted. The children must come first.

Anyway, Paula called the state yesterday and told them we were putting the adoption on hold after 7 months of crap. Money and credit is so tight right now, I cant get a job to make that extra cash needed to raise a family. Paula has sent out about 40 resumes and nothing.

Paula has been saying she will graduate in the next 6 months for the last 2 years! I really need her to focus on that and get a closed caption job. In 18 months I have a check coming and will be building my home on Roatan where I plan to open or help open a boy’s home, feeding center, and a baseball league. I will get my fix helping needy kids and single mothers one way or another.


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