I Hate Mosquitos! Finally discovered a secret!

My whole life, no matter where I lived except Chicago, I have been plagued with mosquitos and ants. Even though ants are always there regardless of treatment, the ants can be controlled. Mosquitos however, are a whole different ballgame.

I think I have tried every idea on earth no matter how expensive. Only to find results are very short lived when it rains everyday like it does here in Tampa. The latest was an organic approach (the kind I prefer) in that you spray a mixture of oil and garlic on your plants.

Everyone, and everything smells like garlic and definitely works until it rains again. Then repeat the process. It is very expensive but if you are having a party or get together it is a must. This is a decent method all-in-all.

But Now I have found the best on earth! One night last week for some reason there were 5 dragonflies in my partially screened front porch. I had gone out to smoke a cigarette and look at the fish. Sitting on the couch after a few minutes I realized I had not been bit once. This is very unusual occurrence at my place. Usually I go out and come in with at least 3 little bites. Everytime we open the front door mosquitoes come inside and get us inside too.

There was another day last week where just one dragonfly was hanging out inside the screened porch area and once again, no bites or bugs of any kind. And then this morning as I write. There was a dragonfly dangling from the porch rafters with its wing wrapped in a stranded web like rope. Even though it was just hanging there were no mosquitos to speak of.

So maybe thats it! I need to raise dragonflies from birth to get them to stay around my yard and eat up all the mosquitos? Does anyone have any info on this? I will start researching this soon and post my findings.



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